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Optical Audio Cable

Data and Communication Cabling Services provides optical digital audio cable connections and installations for your peace of mind.

Optical audio cabling is an excellent choice for those wanting high-quality sound between devices while listening to music, movies and video games.

Our mission is to help clients understand how to get the most out of technology investments by designing structured wiring solutions that reduce costs.

Optic cables allow for high-quality sound


Optical Cable Hoppers Crossing

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Standard Optical Fibre Installation

Data and Communication Cabling Services provides standard optical fibre cable installations. We are aware of and comply with the health and safety requirements for all types of cabling installations.

We ensure all cable sections and reels are visually inspected for possible transportation damage. Our team also makes sure the environmental conditions are suitable for the optical fibre to be installed and avoids installing cables where they can be subjected to high temperatures and other hazards.

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Respecting the necessary safety and health requirements


Optical Cable Hoppers Crossing

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